Be You: Inspire Others

Flying is a feeling that comes from being able to share our best selves with the world.

We believe that more children could learn to fly from a young age, if they, their parents and their teachers were introduced to some of the tools from the world of coaching & leadership development.

Everything we do is designed to create possibility and encourage children and adults to learn how  to be themselves and  inspire others.

We coach, teach, write, podcast & play.

Our dream is to enable a Flying School Coach to be in every school and nursery, supporting children, parents and staff to fly!

Flying is...

The Flying Skills are...



Flying Skills

So what does it take to learn to fly?

The 4 flying skills support us to:

  • increase our awareness of ourselves, our capability and our uniqueness, so we can stretch our imagination, be confident in our own contribution and less inclined to compete with others.
  • learn to think for ourselves and enable others to do the same, so we have an equal voice during conversations in the classroom, playground and at home.
  • build stronger connections with others including friends, parents and teachers, so we can belong whilst being ourselves.
  • learn coaching skills so we can learn from others and inspire them to fly.

The flying formula

Individuality + Belonging + Possibility = Greater Confidence

From our research and experience so far, we have created a snapshot of what it takes to fly.

Encouraging individuality involves thinking for ourselves, being aware of our passions and having more ownership over our choices with a sense of freedom to try out our own ideas.

Promoting a feeling of belonging means realising we can have an equal voice in conversations, our ideas matter and we feel included and supported by others.

Creating a sense of possibility helps us develop new expectations and wonder what else we could try, it encourages us to stretch beyond our comfort zone and imagine new opportunities.

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