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Join our adventure in learning to fly and inspire others…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if more children were flying?

Imagine our world in the future if more children had developed an inner confidence and knew how to fly…

Are we doing everything we can to help them learn how?

Flying School exists to help you and your child learn how to feel confident enough to fly. We want to feed the soul of children, giving them permission to be themselves and giving them the tools to inspire others.

  • Our dream is to help children and adults learn to fly and learn how to help others fly.
  • Our ambition is to work with children of all ages and with the many adults who support them.
  • Our focus is to develop the 4 flying skills from as early an age as possible and make learning to fly fun!

We are coaches and facilitators with experience in leadership development and creating thinking environments. We are at the beginning of our journey, please subscribe and join us – its free!

What is flying?

When we asked people to share their stories of flying, we captured their words. Essentially flying is a feeling of greater confidence, freedom to be yourself, no longer feeling the need to compare yourself to others but feeling comfortable in your own skin. It often involves self discovery, breaking the rules of convention and feeling able to do it your way. Click through to find out more.

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