Be curious

We are always learning about how we can help children learn to fly, and how we can teach them the skills to inspire others, as part of this we are conducting research in schools.

Here are some of the activities we have been trying out. If you would like to take part, please get in touch.

Flying Time

At St James’ Primary School they have enhanced their PHSE time and called it ‘Flying Time’. The children each have a Flying Journal to capture their ideas and thoughts following discussions in class. Children get a chance to capture what they want in their journal after the discussion – write, draw or doodle. Examples of discussion topics include:

What is one of your key strengths?

What helps you feel you belong in class, with your friends, at home?

How could you help others feel they belong?

What would you like to try in school or outside of school if it were possible? 

Flying School Challenges

The Flying School challenge involves the class working together on a stretching assignment that helps bring out their own individuality and inspires others. We encourage the children to lead these challenges if possible and ask the teachers to become part of the team. Examples of challenges include:

  • Design a class name and logo
  • Design a wall in the staff room that will help teachers fly
  • Organise a parent day, where parents come into school and share their wisdom or speak about their jobs
  • Make a video to tell your story.

Other activities include:

  • making fridge magnets
  • playing the confidence game
  • doing an appreciation swap
  • sharing ideas in opening rounds at the beginning and end of each session
  • introducing thinking pairs
  • introducing a thinking council with a group of Year 6 pupils.


“Staff and pupils at St James’ Primary School were thrilled to be invited to support Flying School in their research. Activities built into the day really gave the children time to focus and we’ve already seen a shift in attitude. The children are taking responsibility for their own learning and wanting to achieve new goals.

Our pupils have taken a different approach to their learning quoting lines such as “I can’t do this…yet”! We have heard them reminding each other of this. 

Rachel (founder of Flying School) provided a bespoke package for us, addressing the needs of our school. It’s not a ‘one visit wonder’, this is about making positive changes to empower children and staff to believe they can achieve what once seemed impossible!”

Mrs Angela Blacoe, Head Teacher, St James’ Primary School, Skelmersdale

If you would like to take part or hear more...

Telephone: 07917 734327