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Why do we sometimes choose not to fly?

Because it might make others jealous or uncomfortable…. It can often feel easier for everyone if we continue being the person everyone expects us to be. That way, we can have the same conversations and our relationships remain largely unchanged. What...

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A Simpler Life – Learning to Fly in 2020.

2020 has started out for me like most years where I look at the year before and decide what I want to be different going forwards. This year I have been so much more conscious of leading a simpler life - I realise that my busy often complex life is something I have...

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“Be useful, be kind” Barack Obama

What if we just taught our children these two things? What if we practised them ourselves so we could be role models for our children? What would be different for you? For your family? In your workplace or school? What would be different in the world? What does it...

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Learning to think for ourselves

I had a potentially difficult meeting the other day with someone who is extremely successful and who had very clear directions and opinions about Flying School. I realised that I had a number of choices: I could disagree with everything she said, effectively ignoring...

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There are some great books that have helped us learn how to fly, here are a few and we will continue to discover more. You can click on the icon to find out more.

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