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Am I good enough?

So much of my coaching comes down to this question…even when I'm the one being coached. Are we measuring ourselves against our own or other’s expectations? We spend our lives comparing others to ourselves. How often do we think “If only he had done 'y' or she had done...

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Being 10% braver

One of the unexpected benefits of setting up this new organisation, Flying School, is that I’m having to operate out of my comfort zone far more than I’m used to; and it’s really not as bad as I feared! Every day I’m aiming to be 10% braver in my actions, my thinking,...

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Do we pass our fears onto our children?

One of ‘my’ things, those little idiosyncrasies, that make me uniquely me is my overwhelming urge to hang out washing using matching coloured pegs for each item! As I became increasingly aware of this thought pattern and behaviour, I would laugh at myself doing it and...

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Welcome to Flying School

Welcome to Flying School! Flying School came about after I was asked "What burns a hole in your stomach?" I realised that it was a feeling of uselessness when I heard adults talking to children, or children talking to each other, using language that at best limited...

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There are some great books that have helped us learn how to fly, here are a few and we will continue to discover more. You can click on the icon to find out more.

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