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Using fun animation our videos explain what we mean by flying, why Flying School exists, and tips on creating flying environments. You can view more videos on our YouTube channel.

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How can I help my child fly at the moment?

In the midst of this very challenging time for us all, I have been wondering about the impact on children and how we can continue to help them learn to fly and inspire others. Home Schooling is new to most of us and we will be trying to get our head around how to make...

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It just takes heart..

Developing our hearts will help us and those around us fly… I have just finished reading Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. In this fictional story, people went back to the past or forward to the future to visit a person of their choice and...

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Why do we sometimes choose not to fly?

Because it might make others jealous or uncomfortable…. It can often feel easier for everyone if we continue being the person everyone expects us to be. That way, we can have the same conversations and our relationships remain largely unchanged. What...

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A Simpler Life – Learning to Fly in 2020.

2020 has started out for me like most years where I look at the year before and decide what I want to be different going forwards. This year I have been so much more conscious of leading a simpler life - I realise that my busy often complex life is something I have...

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Learning to Fly

We have just started a new podcast series where Rachel interviews different people each week to find out how they learnt to fly and their top tips.

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Real Life Motivation


In collaboration with the charity Climbing Out, we have launched a new podcast which shares tools, ideas and real life stories on how to keep motivated.

Rachel Day and Kelda Wood are the hosts. Kelda is the founder of Climbing Out and she is also a former GB Paracanoe Athlete.

Last year after 76 days unsupported at sea, she became the first Para Rower to solo row the Atlantic.

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Great reading…

There are some great books that have helped us learn how to fly, here are a few and we will continue to discover more. You can click on the icon to find out more.

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