Be playful

Learning to fly…

We want learning to fly to be fun and we are currently developing resources and games for children and adults.

If you sign up to Flying School, as part of an introduction and as a way of saying thank you, you will receive one of our products.

We are also running workshops for adults and children on learning to fly. Please get in touch with Rachel for more details.

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How to help children fly today…

  • Ask a child a question to find out what they think and wait for them to reply without interrupting
  • Give a child your full attention for 5 minutes and stay silent listening to their ideas
  • Send a postcard or letter to a child you know and tell them of a quality that you admire in them
  • Ask yourself what helps me fly? and then go and do it…
  • Smile more as you go about your day
  • Celebrate the effort as much as the achievement of your children
  • Spend time with your child doing one thing they love (even if its playing FIFA!)
  • Subscribe to Flying School and do the quiz…

If you want to find out more about our products simply...

Telephone: 07736 518325

Email: [email protected]