The 5 Week Flying Start Challenge


The 5 week Flying Start Challenge is taken from our unique Take 5 to Fly Programme which means you don’t need to find loads of time – if you have 5 mins a day or 25 mins, it could be transformational for you and your child.

  • It’s gentle and strong – letting you think for yourself and make it relevant for your family.
  • It incorporates research and ideas from the world of leadership development and coaching.
  • You learn with your child, with fun activities to do together, helping you become even more connected and closer.
  • There is a community of like-minded mums to learn alongside – they will become part of your village and share wisdom, ideas and encouragement.

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All the materials are yours for life so you can continue to use them beyond the course. Why not consider bringing a friend, we are offering a discount for two places. If you would prefer to pay in weekly instalments please email

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If you’re a mum with children of any age and you would like to do a 5 step program to help you become the mum you really want to be, then this course is for you.

This is how it works:

Each week we will have a different theme

Week 1: Imagine 

Week 2: Believe

Week 3: Let go

Week 4: Create

Week 5: Trust.

Each day for 5 days there will be;

  • A short video sharing the core idea for that day in less than 5 minutes
  • A question for you to ask yourself if you only have 5 mins
  • Journal activities if you have 25mins
  • Activities to do with your child – there will be 5 each week linked to the theme and you can pick and choose the relevant ones.
  • Daily Inspirational quotes

In addition, we will suggest a good podcast or ted talk to watch and there will be a weekly group call via zoom to share ideas and wisdom with other mums. This will be held on a Thursday evenings 8-9 pm.

Each participant will receive a pack of 56 beautiful appreciation cards to inspire their child to grow in confidence posted to their home.

Each of our children is unique and we are each unique in terms of our approach and experience so far as well as our thoughts on what makes a good parent. This programme doesn’t tell you what to do or pretend to have the perfect answer for you, BUT it will give you the space to think and some new ideas to help you find your own wisdom. 




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