The Thinking Child – Parenting & Teaching in a Thinking Environment™


Teaching our children to think for themselves is one of the most important gifts we can give them.

The greatest legacy we can leave our children are the conditions for them to think for themselves and to have the confidence to do so.

This 8 week online course will bring together research & ideas from the Thinking Environment and leadership/coaching development in a way that’s practical and accessible for anyone.

We know we learn best by thinking for ourselves and with others so this programme will invite you to do both.

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About the course

Run in partnership with The Thinking Project this is the course we’ve wanted to create and run for many years. Rachel Day, Founder of Flying School will be the facilitator for this programme. There are also other programmes at different times run by Sophie Stephenson from The Thinking Project. Please click here

This is an online programme which takes what we know and love about the Thinking Environment and adapts it for carers/parents and teachers.

It’s a course focused on how we can best create the conditions for children to thrive, flourish and think well for themselves.

How will the course run?

  • This course runs for 8 weeks and is taught online in short 90 minute slots to make it as accessible as possible.

  • There are weekly live video workshops, complete with breakout discussions with other participants.

  • You’ll have a weekly activity/focus area to try at home as well as a journalling prompt and you’ll be partnered up in each week for a Listening space activity with someone else on the course.

  • We’ll be using Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world and if you miss a session we’ll record the teaching part of the workshop so you won’t miss out.

  • After the course you’re able to join Monthly parenting hubs to continue your learning and practice

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 10 simple & powerful ways which can transform your relationships

  • To listen deeply & communicate with kindness

  • To slow down, take time & choose how you want to parent

  • To support yourself & your children to think

  • To stop feeling overwhelmed & find ease amidst the urgency

  • To value your own parenting approach

  • To enjoy asking & receiving help from others

  • To appreciate yourself & your children for who they are

Course dates and times:

May/June 2022

The weekly workshops will  run  on Monday mornings 9:30-11am (London, BST):

  • 9th, 16th & 23rd May

  • 30th & 6th June (half term) – will be a pause to think, reflect and meet if you would like in informal pairs to consolidate your learning so far

  • 13th, 20,27th & 4th July

Maximum group size: 12

**We know how hard it can be to attend a weekly call so if you can’t make all/any of the sessions a recording will be sent to you after the call so you won’t miss out**

There is no need to have any previous experience of the thinking environment to attend the course. We hope it will be a space to breathe and learn for you – be assured, we will not be telling you what to do or be judging your parenting – we will simply share some ideas and tools to give you the opportunity to think afresh about your current parenting approach. We will also be asking you for your wisdom and insights so others can do the same.

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is a course like no other parenting course I’ve been on . It doesn’t seek to tell you ‘best practice’ but gives you the opportunity to reflect on where you’ve come from and where you want to go with your kids and parenting with plenty of unique insights along the way. It’s brilliant and I’d highly recommend it…It gave me TIME to stop, step back and reflect . I know there are areas that are limiting me which were brought to light from the course reflections – which now I am aware of I can / have been thinking about . I LOVED the optional home work questions and tasks to do with the kids .” Alison

“A really in depth look at parenting through concepts that most of us would never consider are relevant. Truly eye opening.”

“A truly valuable course in creating a space to think for yourself alongside other parents about how to help your own children think better! Highly recommended.” 

“Do it. It is warm, considerate, inspiring and beneficial.” Sarah

This is not a prescriptive course that seeks to tell you how to parent. Rather, through a series of thoughtfully considered questions and exercises, Rachel and Sophie have created a warm and welcoming space to allow reflection on your own parenting. I learned from others sharing their thoughts in a mutually supportive environment with absolutely no pressure or judgement. I would recommend The Thinking Child course to anyone who ever feels their parenting life passing by in a blur, who would like to take a pause and gain perspective on their day-to-day parenting. It felt good to take some time to think just for me, but to the benefit of my child also. This course was a win for both of us! Thank you Rachel and Sophie!’ Ange